Tuesday, May 28, 2013

A trip to SARAWAK !

hello guys ! how are u today ? as i promised, i want to make a post about my trip to kuching,sarawak. this is my first time visiting sarawak. so, i feel a bit excited you know ? woahh ! kikiki *okayy, thats OVER ! many story i want to share here. And for this post, i purposely to write in english because based on overview blog statistic *cewahh ! hehe mostly my blog visitors are not came from Malaysia. why ? because based on the comment on my post, mostly their are commenting in english. just little comment in malay. hehe. this is my popular post compare and contrast essay . this post had a viewer almost 5k. and comments almost 100. it really surprising me ! haha. and the readers sometimes they asking me about how i created this awesome blog, plagiarism, etc. haha. i'm so sorry. i can't answered all the comments because it is too much. i tired to reply one by one. hehe. sorry sorry. btw, thanks for reading and visiting my blog. Because of i shared my portfolio, my viewer increase to almost 30k. hahaa. this is really CRAZY ! haha. i just want to share my work to other student because i think  i working hard to make the best for my assignment/portfolio so it is better if I share my work here :) but, i'm so sorry if the language i used is too simple, too many mistakes in grammar. well, i am not a TESL's students. so that, i just do as i can. hehe. 

opsss ! we are far from the main topic. hehe. back to my topic, my trip is just 3D 2N. hehe. i stayed at my aunt's house. i don't have much story to write here because sarawak is not like other places. its a little bored places. but, it was nice too if you want a peaceful :) this, i want to share the moment i captured while i was there :)

a view from the sky :)

muzium sarawak :)

the symbolic of kuching is cat :)

this is my nephew. the sarawak-born :)

attending the wedding. different style & culture. unique ! :)

the Arabian theme :)

at the factory of layer cake sarawak :)

for those who asking me how i can make a good essay, i want to answer that i just make a research, use Google translate, refer to my lecturer madam MAIRAS.i am not good in english much. thats why i just used a simple word. besides that i want the other person understand what i want to convey here. that the most important :) and i am not working with anybody or other blog. i just make this blog for my diary :) thanks for reading :)

# one of the comment i like most is " your writing style is witty. keep it up ! " HAHA. witty ? okayy (^^,)