Saturday, March 31, 2012

.. feel free to share ^.^ ..

hey geng ! assalamualaikum :) what i mean by ' i feel free to share' ? hee, actually today i want to share to you guys about my english assignment i had did at Unisza . yeahh , maybe i am not good enough in english , but at least i try , right ? hee , in my portfolio , i need to write 5 different types of essays. argumantative essay , descriptive essay , compare & contrast essay , cause & effect essay and narrative essay :) u know what ? i love to attend english class because i like the way my lecturer teach us . her name is madam MAIRAS BT ABD RAHMAN . she is very supportive, excellent , beautiful , and many more . seriously , she is one of the best lecturer that i admired at UnisZA . i just want to share my work and the work that i love so much because i did it by my own. tataaa .. :)

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