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assalamualaikum ^.^ , this is my task for my public speaking . seriously , i enjoyed to present this to my classmates because it comes from my own imagination world . and i would like to share with u guys ! about my imagination world . heee , peacee >.< and i would like to say SORRY if it have a grammar mistakes or i use a simple words because my point is i want they can feel on what i present about . thats all :)

What is an imagination? Refer by dictionary the meaning of imagination is the power to picture things in the mind. Some people have great imagination. They picture many things that they have never seen. Like a word from Peter Nirio Zarlanga, “ I am imagination person. I can see what the eyes cannot see, I can hear what the ears cannot hear. I can feel what the heart cannot feel”. One of my hobby is I like to imagine something when I am doing nothing. I enjoying the feeling on that time because I am not imagine about what I want to be in my future, what type of car I want to use or how big the house I want to have but I like to imagine about something fantastic. There are how and what things I always imagine in my mind.

1st First and foremost, the way I always do to play with my imagination is I always looking at the sky. Why? Because when I am looking at the sky, the way I look I think different than others person look. I will imagine the things that can make me happy and can decrease the pressure I feel at that time. I always look at the sky especially on evening and sometimes on night because I can see many beautiful stars on the sky.

I always imagine when look at the sky is I have a small magical cloud like in the story Dragon Balls that can brings me anywhere. Then, I imagine that I had my own official residence of sovereign were made from the clouds and I had an angels as my assistance who will always accompany me when I want to go anywhere including somewhere in the Earth.

When you guys look at the sky carefully, you will notice that sometimes the clouds on the sky have many shapes especially animal shapes. The animals that always appear in my mind is white horse and the dragon. Amazing,right? Just open your minds, heart and eyes to feel great enjoyment in the world around you.

2nd Talking about a place I wish to go is the place where I can feel calm, far from violence and mostly like in the wonderlands. Sound interesting, right? Of course it interesting because the place are so fantastic in my imagination. It is great when we can imagine go somewhere that full of foods or made by foods. Let’s imagine the river a made by melting chocolates, the trees by candy and your house are made by a beautiful cotton candy. The story that have a similarity with what I always imagine is ‘ Alice In the Wonderlands’ and ‘ Charlie and the chocolate factory’ story.

After showing video ‘Alice in The Wonderlands’

You guys can see right what are the interesting about this story? It has many unique characters and interesting graphic right?

After showing video ‘ Charlie and The Chocolate Factory’

This is the story I like the most in my life because the story gave a description on what I always imagine.

3rd Last but not least, the others things I always imagine is the simple tools that can transforms to be a useful thing that can give benefits to human or anything. Thus, the story I likes most is ‘Transformers’ and ‘Spy Kids’. The vehicles can transforms be a big robot and can fight to protect themselves and humans in the Earth are interesting right? After that, ‘ Spy Kids’ story makes my imagination to be real too. They have a highly developed of technology in spying tools and the story also show many skills to be a professional spy. I always imagine the tools around me can transform to anything after I watch this two story during the holiday at my home.

As the saying,‘ imagination will often carry us to worlds that we never go. But without it we go nowhere’. It is normal if we want to imagine anything we want just for fun and for enjoying ourself in our own imagination world because from imaginations it can give an advantages to us such like it can helps we the improve our creative idea in our work. Sometimes if we realized, a good work or a successful person are comes from said they becomes like what they want to be in their imagination in their childhood.




  1. Waoo...seriously it was awsome...i am also very imaginative kind of person thatswhy i love this...there were grametical mistakes but its ok u already maintioned that u stand by the sentinent not by the grammerπŸ˜…i appretiate u....good jobπŸ‘

    1. 🍭🍨🍧☕πŸ°πŸ©πŸ«πŸ¬πŸ•πŸπŸŸπŸ–πŸ—food lover


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